Elegant Formal Office Dress Selection Guide for Men

custom-tailored-shirts-for-menThe excitement to join an office after completing the education is a lifetime memory. I’ve seen grandfathers discussing about their first day in office with their grandsons. So, make your first impression positive so that you can keep these days in your memory for lifetime. And all these start with selection of a good set of formal office dress. It is always suggested to go for custom tailored shirts for men with a pair of trousers and leather shoe.

The golden rule of preparing a set of office dress is combining a solid colored shirt, a pair of dark colored trousers, a formal shoe and a tie. Of course you should not try floral ties for men online. Rather choose a patterned tie with matte finish.

Regarding the color, light colored shirts are best. If you don’t like solid color, you can go for striped ones; but never choose checked print. Shirts must need to be full sleeve; half sleeves are treated as informal or casual one should avoid it until your office allow it. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy costly branded shirts, custom tailored shirts for men are okay.

Now, when it comes to selecting you shoe, you can wear both black and tan colored shoe. But the rule, the color of your shoe, belt and wrist-watch belt should be same – either all black or all tan. However, if you use chained watch, you need not to worry about that. Just keep in mind that your watch should not be a sports watch with jumbo dial.

Another point that we must include here in your dress – though it isn’t a piece of attire; I’m saying about perfume. No matter your body smells or not, use a decent perfume that isn’t too tempting. Follow these and be a join your office like a corporate personality. And don’t forget to share your first day’s experience.


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