Important Rules to Choose Your Pocket Square Perfectly

pocket-squares-for-menNo matter you call it a handkerchief, hankie or poker chief, pocket square is the most appropriate term; I don’t bother how many will agree with me. Well, leave that part to the literature gurus and let’s focus on its importance and the basics to select the perfect one for you.

Yes, there are people who use blazers and suits often and still don’t have good idea about pocket squares for men. Well, I don’t actually blame them; it happens as hardly anyone is going to train you on this. So, I decided today to help people like you to know about this piece cloth – a valuable one for you gentlemen.

Pocket squares are used since long back in the history and there were French people are fond of heavy embroidery poker chiefs. However, today it has become obsolete and people like to use fancy handkerchief.

So, when it comes to purchasing pocket squares for men, one should keep in mind that it should not be matching with the tie color. A person with same pocket square and tie shows that your dress has been purchased by some old school person, may be your aunt of someone else.

As a rule of thumb this piece of cloth should complement your tie or in some cases your shirt and thus you can pick any color from those – not exactly the same pattern. Say you have worn a tie of blue color with white stripes, you can choose a pocket square of white or blue color. Or say you have worn a shirt of off-white color with red dots, you can choose your handkerchief of red color as well. So, next time you go out with your suit, be careful about these details and add feather to your dressing sense.


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