Complete Guide to Smart Corporate Dressing for Men

tailored-suits-for-menNo matter you work in IT sector, banking department or just have your own business, looking smart add much value to your dignity and thus you win half the battle by presence. There are people who think that it all starts with a good looking face, bright complexion and a masculine body. Well, they are lucky! But, you can subdue a person’s effect by dressing smartly using tailored suits for men. So, let’s see the secret tips.

Until you have a fashioned hairstyle or beard, trim your hair properly; shave cleanly. It makes you look tidy, bright and welcoming. If you have thick hair that comes on your forehead, you can use any alcohol-free hair-gel and set them tight. Also trim your nails and clean them using a brush.

Choose Innerwear
Perfect innerwear makes you feel confident from inside, especially in case of men. Always buy high quality branded innerwear and choose the perfect size. If you wear light colored shirt, wear white vest. For formal dressing, printed or colorful vest isn’t appropriate.

Matching Outfit
No matter you would use tailored suits for men or not, it is much important to choose your shirt properly. Cotton is always preferred; and if it is any from the light shades, it would give you a plus. Half sleeve shirt is a big no if you want to be formal. In case you would wear suits, you don’t have to worry about trousers. Else, take out a solid-colored trouser of dark shades.

These are complementary products and should match each other. Always use same colored belt, wristwatch belt and shoe. If you use chained wristwatch you can ignore it. Your tie should be enough elegant and follow the tie selecting rules from our earlier posts. Use cotton shocks only to avoid smell.

Depending upon your face use elegant sunglass. Though who use power-spectacles can ignore it. Use any mild and refreshing perfume on your shirt. If you perspire too much, you can prefer using a deodorant instead of perfume which will give you a longer freedom from smell.


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